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Bob Ross Insights Hidden in his Painting

Bob Ross Insights, Hidden in his Painting “I can't think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting with talents, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul.”                           ― Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Vol. 29
What do we find when we look into the window of his soul? One of the first things that might come to mind when you think about Bob Ross is: “Happy clouds,” and “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.” How are those two things related? Does it go deeper than debunking the assumptions that there is more than only happy blue skies? This might seem like a stretch, but looking at the mere percentage of clouds appearing in Bob’s paintings shows something interesting. In 91% of his paintings there are at least one tree, but in only 44% there are at least one cloud. This would seem to show that the way Bob sees life, is more…