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The Shape of Emotion

Emotions exist in perpetual change as if they are approaching something but yet never seem to get there… Is the emotion moving or is it moving us? If it is moving us, is it in a bad way or just a way we couldn’t imagine but which is the most meaningful?

     There are really only two things in life, reality and hope, and the art of life is to balance them in a way where we get the best of both. It is no small task to imagine something better than you can currently imagine; what would that look like if you did? If would undoubtedly look crazy at first and then slowly narrow in on something solid. Reality has its limitations, that’s what reality is, a set of defined limitations.  Hope on the other hand has no limitations, and so unlike solving a murder mystery for what happen, which though hard is at least possible to reach an ultimate conclusion, emotions are reaching at the limit of possibility which is endless. This journey could seem like hell if the end just seems like a lot…